Positive Change Project 

Established in 2020, Positive Change Project, is a movement to create a positive change in the world, through an effort to spread kindness, positivity, and inspiration.

Our Bookmark Project is a way to spread positivity and love to those who need it most. The bookmarks are designed online by YOU, and made by a member of our team, for someone in need of a smile. The bookmarks will be sent out to different programs providing inspiration to a variety of people. 

Our Bookmarks 

Designed by YOU, to put a smile on someone's face 

What's New?

Sarah is showing her part by making masks for people in need. Sarah makes masks then donates them to her local organizations. She also makes masks for her friends and family to brighten their day!

Spreading Christmas cheer is EXTRA hard this year with everything going on. With this being said it's even more important to be kind to those around you. A really easy to spread kindness is give someone a complement (from 6 feet away). One of my favorite complements to give is "I love your mask!". It's important to complement someone...

I think a good kindness tip could be something like sending a friend a text or handwritten note saying you were thinking of them and hope they are well.

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