Positive Change Project 

Established in 2020, Positive Change Project, is a movement to create a positive change in the world, through an effort to spread kindness, positivity, and inspiration.

Our Bookmark Project is a way to spread positivity and love to those who need it most. The bookmarks are designed online by YOU, and made by a member of our team, for someone in need of a smile. The bookmarks will be sent out to different programs providing inspiration to a variety of people. 

Our Bookmarks 

Designed by you, to put a smile on someone's face 

Latest Ideas in Acts of Kindness

Writing positive/ motivational notes to friends is a great way to inspire others, or just check in on how they are doing! Writing these notes is easy and worthwhile!

We all need a little kindness in our lives. Write inspirational quotes or motivational letters, and leave them in public for strangers to find. I guarantee it will make their day.

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