Bookmarks: Send us an inspirational quote or couple of sentences, and we will put it on a bookmark for someone who is in need of positivity. While the focus of each message may be different, the goal of spreading positivity and encouraging the importance of education remains constant. 

Once your quote/ message and color preference are sent, the bookmark will then be made by a member of our team and sent to the organization of your choosing. This is a completely free and easy way to make someone's day!  

Where they are being sent: 

Girl Scouts:  These bookmarks will go to The Girl Scouts to encourage empowerment for girls. The Positive Change Project has a partnership with Girl Scouts to distribute the bookmarks as a way to inspire the girls to follow their dreams. 

Jumbled Dreams: These bookmarks will go to people in need of positivity through the organization, Jumbled Dreams. Jumbled Dreams works with a variety of people in need, to help positively change their lives. 

Hillside Medical Lodge: These bookmarks will go to the Hillside Medical Lodge. Hillside Medical Lodge is a Senior Care Center in Texas. The bookmarks will be distributed to the residents as a way to brighten their day.

Connect With a Wish: These bookmarks will go to non profit Connect With a Wish. This organization works with foster children in Virginia Beach and donates supplies to them. These bookmarks will go into different bags that will be handed out to the children. 

Designed by YOU, for someone in need of a smile! 

Want bookmarks sent to your organization? Let us know!