What's New?


Sarah was recently on the Happy News Network where she discusses the Positive Change Project and happiness in general!

Positive Change Project's story recently appeared on the Channel Kindness and Born This Way Foundation website and social media pages. The story describes the project and the importance of kindness!

Sarah was recently a guest on the Starts With Y Podcast. On the podcast, she discusses the why behind starting Positive Change Project.

Sarah was recently given the One in a Million Award for her service to others! This award recognizes people who actively try to make a difference in their local community!

Sarah was featured on the Giant Network's Giant Quote Project. Sarah discusses what she feels makes a good leader! Check out Giant Network's website to learn more about their project!

Our story has recently been featured on the Jumbled Dreams website (www.jumbleddreams.org) ! We are so excited to have shared our story, and can't wait for you to read it! Go to Jumbled Dreams website to check it out!