About us

Spreading Smiles To Those Who Need It Most  

Our Mission 

 Here at the Positive Change Project, we believe that anyone can change the world. Our bookmark project puts this ideal into action by spreading kindness and inspiration to multiple groups of people who receive the bookmarks. 

Our candle company is centered around kindness for others and the planet. The candles are eco-friendly and decorated with random acts of kindness to support both the planet and one another.

 Please feel free to email us with any project ideas, random acts of kindness, or ways to help the planet to be featured on our website. Together we can make the world a better place. 

Sarah McGough

Our founder, Sarah, is committed to doing her part to change the world. Sarah is currently a college student with a passion for helping others and the planet. She came up with the idea for the Positive Change Project, after witnessing many acts of unkindness in the world around her. 

Sarah's goal for the project is to inspire others to perform acts of kindness while sharing ideas of projects, and recognizing those who are making an effort to change the world. 

Sarah is also an advocate for education. She hopes that the bookmark project encourages reading and education along with inspiration for those who receive the bookmarks.

Hannah O'Neil

Hannah is a recent college graduate who now works as a Donor Loyalty Representative for an international non-profit. She is someone who spreads positivity, kindness, and inspiration through sharing quotes with those around her. She decided to get involved with the Positive Change Project because she, like Sarah, wants to help make a difference in the world.

Hannah believes that even the simplest acts of kindness can create a ripple of positive change in someone's day, week, year, or life. She is excited about the bookmark project as a way to use quotes/positive messages to spread happiness to people needing a little brightness in their lives. 

Want to Donate?

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