Episode 3: MaKenzie Taylor


We were delighted to have the amazing MacKenzie Taylor join us for episode 3!

"My name is MacKenzie Taylor. I am the oldest of 4 with 3 little brothers who all tower over me at over 6feet tall. I grew up in a small town in Cache Valley Utah! I attended Mountain Crest High and swam on the swim team and played water polo all 4 years. I worked as a special Ed aide for about 4 years after graduating and I worked at a beauty supply store for 9 years until I recently made a job change and work as a work order manager for a utility management company! Absolutely love the outdoors. Camping, bonfires, hiking, and all that jazz. I also love to go for drives and blast some music (anything but country). I am known as the funny one wherever I go. I LOVE to make people laugh. I thrive on lighting the situation with a funny comment or smart remark. I feel like I've always done this because I have associated the fact that I'm overweight as needing to compensate with making people laugh. To get people to like me. Seeing that now has opened my eyes! I will always be funny, but I have learned to remind myself I have a lot to offer.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder while I was attending USU. I was put on meds and began therapy and it helped me. In 2018 I started to notice some suicidal tendencies that would come to light in therapy. Had a rough few months of battling it and making sure no one knew.. and I had a full fledge plan to commit suicide, and make it look like an accident so I didn't put my family though that. God was watching out for me that day, because I went to a scheduled appointment with my therapist and he picked up on some of my comments and had me admitted. It was then I was made aware of my major depressive disorder. Long story short, I had to confront my issues head on and with people aware and in my corner snd I have found SO MUCH joy helping others! Making sure no one feels alone and that it gets better!

I currently live in Herriman UT and am planning kn returning to USU in the fall."