Make Your Own Kindness Garden


A Kindness Garden is a really fun and easy way to spread kindness! 

What you'll need: at least 5 rocks, paint, paintbrushes, a place to put the rocks when they are done (such as under a tree)


1). Gather some rocks that you want to use to make your garden. Try to find some rocks that are flat and easier to paint

2). Once you have your rocks you can begin to paint. The rocks should reflect kindness, love, positivity, or encouragement to those who will eventually be viewing the garden. Some examples of things to paint on rocks include "Be kind", "Love is Love", "You are loved", "Be the Change". Once the rocks are painted wait 4 hours before moving them to the garden to ensure they are dry. 

3.) Once the rocks are dry they can be moved to your garden location. Be sure to make a sign to label the garden so people know where to get their dose of kindness and positivity!

Thank you Rebecca for this fun kindness idea!